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Fintech & Innovation: intervista a Corinna Scatena

In vista dell’avvio della seconda edizione del Master in Fintech & Innovation, abbiamo incontrato Corinna Scatena, Head of Legal for Mobile Bank at FerratumBank.

Il Master in Fintech & Innovation è un master di primo livello in inglese promosso dalla LUMSA Master School dell’Università LUMSA e da Fintech EduLab in partnership con numerosi altri player di primo livello come appunto Accenture, ma anche Endeavor, KPMG Advisory, Moneyfarm e molti altri.

MFI è un master internazionale di 10 mesi con lezioni strutturate in formula weekend (giovedì pomeriggio, venerdì e sabato), un sistema ideale sia per chi già lavora che per giovani neo-laureati.

L’intervista che segue è in inglese, lingua del Master in Fintech & Innovation. Maggiori informazioni sul master sono disponibili nella scheda del corso.

We had the pleasure to interview Corinna Scatena, Head of Legal for Mobile Bank at FerratumBank, a disruptive digital bank offering a European digital wallet, and legal advisor of Ferratum Group Strategic Partnerships team to legally support their international operations.

With a background in Fintech, Payments, Compliance, and experiences in fintech companies, she is also a specialist in payment regulations including the latest PSD2 implementation and related challenges.

Corinna is Fintech passionate and fascinated about challenges beyond Innovation. She strongly believes in the ‘can do’ approach.

Her essentials: Laptop, Wi-fi &…Passport to catch the next flight.

She is an ex LUMSA alumnus.


Why have you decided to join the faculty of the Master in Fintech and Innovation (MFI)?
I studied my law degree at LUMSA and I know the great value of its learning programs. The MFI specifically is essential to these people who wish to make the difference in the Fintech field taking an active role: thanks to the knowledge acquired through the MFI they can help the players in the financial market reach their next level.


What are you going to teach in the MFI?
I will share my own professional experience, walking the students through the key legal aspects and challenges of building a digital bank from scratch.


Why is it important to study Fintech today?
Fintech started a revolution in the financial world and nowadays technology innovation is the ‘soul’ of the financial industry. When we refer to ‘fintech’ we refer to the disruptive way people manage their everyday life: payments, current accounts, business and personal loans, savings for their future, money transfers, the way people invest their money and much more. There is a worldwide ecosystem of services available built around Fintech and infinite related opportunities, both professional and personal.


What are the main opportunities within your company for students with a Master's degree in Fintech & Innovation?

Fintech companies are looking for talented people and out of the box thinkers able to bring added value to company’s journey, offering, in return, the unique experience to expand their knowledge and learn about the business at 360-degree.

We are witnessing a revolutionary era where companies feel they have the mission –that goes beyond being a profitable business - to improve customer experience through their products, high level of transparency and customer-centric approaches, starting from their employees. It is not just about marketing but it is about authenticity.

I truly believe that Fintech companies and start-ups are the ideal places to be and grow professionally in all aspects.

We really thank Corinna for her precious insights…stay tuned and meet her in class!

Pubblicato il 20/02/2020