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Fintech & Innovation: intervista a Raffaele Mauro

In vista dell’avvio della seconda edizione del Master in Fintech & Innovation, abbiamo incontrato Raffaele Mauro, Managing Director at Endeavor Italy, e docente del Master.

Il Master in Fintech & Innovation è un master di primo livello in inglese promosso dalla LUMSA Master School dell’Università LUMSA e da Fintech EduLab in partnership con numerosi altri player di primo livello come appunto Accenture, ma anche Endeavor, KPMG Advisory, Moneyfarm e molti altri.

MFI è un master internazionale di 10 mesi con lezioni strutturate in formula weekend (giovedì pomeriggio, venerdì e sabato), un sistema ideale sia per chi già lavora che per giovani neo-laureati. Sono previste 12 borse di studio. Il termine per candidarsi all’iscrizione (massimo 50 studenti ammessi) è fissato al 31 gennaio 2020.

L’intervista che segue è in inglese, lingua del Master in Fintech & Innovation. Maggiori informazioni sul master sono disponibili nella scheda del corso.

We decided to interview Raffaele Mauro, Managing Director at Endeavor Italy,  an international organization that helps entrepreneurs and scale-up companies generate positive impact (economic growth, high-quality jobs, innovation). He previously worked for leading financial institutions and venture capital firms like Intesa Sanpaolo, United Ventures e P101 and he is a member of the Kauffman Society of Fellows.

Raffaele owns an MPA from Harvard with a concentration in International Finance and a Ph.D. from Bocconi University. He also attended the Singularity University GSP program at the NASA Ames campus.
Raffaele is the author of “Hacking Finance: la rivoluzione del Bitcoin e della blockchain” and “Quantum Computing: tecnologia, applicazioni, investimenti”.

Raffaele is one of the lecturers as well as a member of the Scientific Committee of the Master in Fintech & Innovation (MFI).

Why have you decided to join the faculty of the MFI?
Because I want to give back to younger generations and create new opportunities for the local innovation ecosystem and fintech community.

What are you going to teach in the MFI?
I will teach Venture Capital and Technology Trends where I will discuss the impact of some of the major life-changing technologies of the last decades.
Why is it important to study Fintech today?
It is important because Finance is central and it is the neocortex of the global economy. Fintech is a very deep trend that is structurally reshaping finance, going beyond hype waves and short term cycles.
Intellectually speaking, fintech is very interesting being at the crossroad of several disciplines: from economics to computer science, from design to cryptography.
What are the main opportunities within your company for students with a Master's degree in Fintech & Innovation?
Endeavor, both locally and globally, supports some of the fastest-growing fintech companies in the world and opportunities for projects, internships and employment will emerge.
We really thank Raffaele for his precious insights and for his time… see you in class!

Pubblicato il 28/01/2020