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Master in Fintech & Innovation: intervista a Davide Coniglio

In vista dell’avvio, a gennaio 2020, della seconda edizione del Master in Fintech & Innovation, abbiamo incontrato Davide Coniglio, studente della prima edizione di MFI e attualmente project manager di SEIplus.

Il Master in Fintech & Innovation è un master di primo livello (accesso con almeno un titolo di laurea triennale) in inglese promosso dalla LUMSA Master School dell’Università LUMSA e da Fintech EduLab in partnership con numerosi altri player di primo livello come Accenture, Endeavor, KPMG Advisory, Moneyfarm e molti altri.

MFI è un master internazionale di 10 mesi con lezioni strutturate in formula weekend (giovedì pomeriggio, venerdì e sabato), un sistema ideale sia per chi già lavora che per giovani neo-laureati. Sono previste 12 borse di studio. Il termine per candidarsi all’iscrizione (massimo 50 studenti ammessi) è fissato al 12 gennaio 2020.

L’intervista che segue è in inglese, lingua del Master in Fintech & Innovation. Maggiori informazioni sul master sono disponibili nella scheda del corso.

We met Davide Salvatore Coniglio, a student of the first edition of the Master in Fintech & Innovation (MFI), and talked with him about his experience at the MFI.

Davide is about to finish his Master in Fintech & Innovation and is currently enrolled in the first year of the Master in Management at ESCP EUROPE.
He is also Project Manager at SEIplus, an association that organizes several networking events in Turin and helps students work on tailor-made projects, entirely funded by companies.
As PM at SEIplus, he is currently involved in a project for the European micro-mobility start-up Dott, which recently raised a €30 million Series A funding round.

Let’s see what Davide said about his experience at the MFI:


Q. Why did you decide to join the Master in Fintech & Innovation jointly developed by LUMSA Master School and Fintech Edulab?

After graduating in Applied Mathematics, I decided to apply for the Master in Fintech & Innovation for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to know more about Fintech, which is currently revolutionizing the financial world and changing the way we interpret Finance. Then, I was committed to improve my knowledge of Data Science, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Regulation.


Q. How did the Master in Fintech & Innovation help you reach your career goals?

The Master in Fintech & Innovation helped me understand what the job market trends are and gain the needed technical experience through project works and testimonials held by speakers coming from prestigious universities, consulting firms and leading institutions. All of that helped me be admitted to one of the most important French Business Schools ranked 4th worldwide by the Economist 2019, and get selected to work on a funded project for the European start-up Dott.
I currently support the company in entering the Italian market and coming up with new market entry strategies. I serve the company as Project Manager and I currently manage a team of eight people.


Q. What makes the Master in Fintech & Innovation stand out according to you?

The programme offered by LUMSA and Fintech EduLab sticks out for two main reasons. Firstly, it allows you to meet professionals who have remarkable professional experience in Fintech, Entrepreneurship, Regulation etc.
Secondly, there are no specific background requirements: even if you are a student without a quantitative degree, you can learn how to read financial statements, code and work on entrepreneurial projects. This leads to an exciting melting-pot of backgrounds in the classroom.


Q. Why would you suggest this master to prospective students?

I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in start-ups, fintech and technology and those who want to work in the fintech industry and have a good grounding knowledge. From an academic and professional perspective, I suggest this master as it helps you acquire new skills such as being able to understand technical, juridical and financial topics, which are strongly requested by top-companies.
Moreover, through the MFI you will have the opportunity to develop a career-driven mindset, crucial to stand out from the crowd, and strengthen you networking abilities because you will meet professionals, entrepreneurs and investors from day one.


Q. What kind of networking opportunities exist?

There are lots of networking opportunities that are offered during the program.
Moreover, since many professors come from both the start-up world/recently founded companies and incumbents, they are often willing to offer students job opportunities.


Q. Anything else insightful that you would like to share?

I would like to conclude with a quote that helps me improve day by day and do better:
“Don't just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference”. Try always to experiment something new and not to be embarrassed if you need help. Do not be afraid to make mistakes because it is the only way to grow professionally and individually and discover a lot of things about yourself.


We really thank Davide for his availability and for his time and we wish him all the best for a bright career!
Please be advised that Davide is also a LUMSA & Master in Fintech & Innovation Ambassador, so feel free to reach out to him via LinkedIn for any enquiries about the MFI Program.


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Pubblicato il 05/11/2019